The alpha and the omega

Be the finisher…. Think about it


What is the most underrated type of training you can think of?

If you are a strength specialist that answer may be bodyweight training.

In the relentless pursuit of muscularity and size, bodyweight movements take a back seat to pushing weight.

However many of us are lacking in the skill of moving your body through space, especially those of us who are rather large.

This is a challenge. For a month substitute bodyweight for accessory lifts and see how you feel and move. You’ll increase mobility, muscular endurance, work capacity and not just be barbell strong, but gain the ability to move your body better without a barbell attached to it.

Air squats. Glute ham raises. Pushups. Chinups and pullups. Inverted rows. Handstand holds and pushups for the daring. Etc etc.

Variations of these are plenty.

Instead of doing your customary 10-15 reps of lat pulldowns, hammer some chinups for a while. Instead of leg pressing after squats, try some air squats.

Get it done and see what happens. You’ll surprise yourself.

And I am talking full movements, not partial… Don’t cheat yourself.


What is the last thing you do when you finish your workout?

Before you leave the gym, before your post workout shake.

It should be stretching.

I have recently starting stretching before I leave the gym after neglecting it for a millennium. It has made a world of difference so far. Granted I am still board-like, but instead of being a solid slab of oak, I am now some pine. A little softer and more pliable.

A lot of us neglect it. We overlook it and say we will do it tomorrow. I have for years and it catches up to you rather quickly. Take the 10-15 minutes after lifting to stretch your stiff ass out some and you’ll enjoy the benefits.


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Lift hard, be strong in mind and body and enjoy your day.


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