Training day 02-22-2013

So this morning I got my ass up at 5:30 or something to do some light walking/jogging for about 20-25 minutes. It was pretty damn cold out and every step I took I was thinking “what in the shit am I doing this for???”

To add to my temporary (maybe permanent) insanity. I did 10 – 30 yard sprints tonight.

I discovered a few things about myself today:

  1. I will sell my soul to any sort of evil demon for an extra 5 minutes of sleep.
  2. Walking/yogging (with a soft J) at 5:30am in 19 degree weather is probably better than coffee.
  3. I still have some speed left in these legs, which makes me miss rugby even more. Until I remember waking up on Sunday mornings not being able to move my entire body, covered in bruises and occasionally pissing blood. Occasionally.. Then I remembered why I hung up my cleats for good.
  4. Squats two days earlier for about 700 working sets DEFINITELY has an impact on leg drive. No shit you say, but until you try it, you have no idea how much.
  5. I miss speed. I used to drive fast as hell until multiple speeding tickets derailed that. I used to sprint and throw shot. I used to race BMX in my yoot (minus the H for us New Yorkers by choice). And a large part of me still wants to get behind the wheel of a 80’s era Mustang 5.0 and hammer that shit across some state lines again.
  6. I hate morning cardio, loathe it… despise it with the force of 1000 hammers coming down on a thumbtack against a piece of cardboard.

But if this gets me to my goals of:

  1. Stronger
  2. Leaner
  3. Faster
  4. Buff
  5. Swole
  6. Jacked
  7. Awesome

I am all about it, as long as Satan doesn’t come to my bedroom door saying, “come on, Jay, gimme your soul for 5 more minutes”….

But, I will need some serious convincing to get my ass on a cardio machine in the morning, particular that evil sack of ass called the Stepmill. That is too bodybuilder like for me. I am already selling out some getting up at 5:30, I can’t go full on Zubaz and T. Michael over here.


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