What in the hell

You’ve read the nutrition gurus, you have seen the light..

So you buy a whole grass fed cow, super pure fish oil that costs more than the damn fish, extra extra virgin coconut oil, free range eggs, organic veggies and fruits, supplements that add to the nutritional content of your diet, etc. etc….

Failing to realize that your wallet is now 3 pounds lighter, you have a freezer full of meat that will probably get freezer burn before you eat it all, your veggies and fruits have a shelf life of 3 hours, you look at gluten like its a disease picked up from the tropical forests of South America but you are “healthy”….


Some dude, maybe next door to you, is living off of burger, pasta, peanut butter, chicken (on the bone) that costs 1.99 a pound in bulk packs of 10 pounds, rice, bread, milk and busting his balls in the gym.

Do you really think all that expensive food is really going to be the final piece to the puzzle? Or is eating sensibly, with solid ratios of protein/fat/carbs in the proper amount of calories combined with some hard ass training going to be the catalyst…

Of all the top strength athletes, bodybuilders, athletes, etc. in the world today… how many of them do you think are following a strict organic, grass-fed diet… even if half of them are, what about the other half?

Diet is a key part of progress, being super anal about it is a key part of “don’t buy into the hype”.


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