This is what goes on in the mind of a lunatic

I am the anti-strength coach, strength coach. I was a jock who hung with the hardcore kids, the punk rockers, the “greasers” and the misfits. In my circle of friends I was the only one who really went to the gym. Of course that changed with age, but that outlaw spirit in me lives on. I follow my own code and that includes living with passion, not kissing ass and knowing what markets I want to seek and going after them.

I know my niche and I am satisfied with that, but I can close my eyes at night and I know I did it my way and not just to tap into a market I don’t need to tap into to make a quick buck.

If that market wants to embrace me, I welcome them with open arms but I don’t seek it.


I hate death metal because I think its about as cliche as music gets. A friend once told me after buying a new Cannibal Corpse CD, “it was stuck on the same song for 3 hours while I was cleaning the house and I didn’t even notice it until I looked and saw the same song playing over and over again…”

The growling, the screaming, and the nihilistic attitude annoys me. Its suburban white kids lashing out because their parents wouldn’t buy them the new Call of Duty.


Let’s get a little real here.

I’ve learned some hard lessons in my life, hard ones. I’ve risen and fallen many times and I keep getting up.

I fight on. I believe in the power of real love and the power of passion. Some jaded people don’t and I do feel bad for them. Scars heal, time passes on. The one thing that makes life worth living is those two words I typed earlier.

Jump, leap, risk it, find it and take it.

Life is worth it.


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