What I have learned about life

Part of living is making decisions and sticking to them regardless of the consequence. God knows I’ve paid for many decisions in my life, but I made them.

Another part of living is doing things which you don’t always enjoy, because sacrifice and dedication are two qualities that are hard to come by.

I had to learn the hard way what those meant. I am learning a lot more about them now. It’s easy to sacrifice bad food for a goal in the gym. It’s easy to sacrifice staying up late to rest your body fully. It’s hard to sacrifice for someone else (or something) when it is the best thing to do but every pore of you is fighting it.

But you have to at times. Sometimes you need to show strength by doing the things that make you feel weak. With that weakness, strength is born. Things grow. Relationships grow. Trust grows.

I’m no expert at living life by any means. I’m flawed. I’m not the guy to look at as any sort of model in life, but I’m a man that sincerely is trying to learn as I go and make a better future.

I have passion. I’m rough around the edges. I’m a bit crazy at times. I’m educated. I’m driven and I have a work ethic that was forged into me by my parents after a lazy childhood of making excuses.

I also learned the hard way so many times that I can’t count. I take risks. I follow my heart and the older I get, the more sure I am about my decisions and my actions.

Don’t ever think where you are now is your final destination. Life is quite a journey and sometimes where you think you are is only the start of it all.


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