Stuff I have learned over the years about training

Aside from the obvious, that squats are good and kipping pullups are bad, I will list some random things  I have learned over the years about the gym and strength sports in general.

Some are funny, some are asinine, some are a smack in the face and some will be obvious.

  1. No matter how good of shape you think you are in, pushing a prowler for the first time will cause you pain.
  2. Genetic freaks can train almost anyway they want and they will grow, don’t listen to them about training, find the guy who had to work hard to get bigger and stronger.
  3. Never eat orange roughy before deadlifts. Note: this did NOT happen to me… I hate fish.
  4. My first real training partner was an ex-con, looked like Big Daddy Kane on roids. Some of my best workouts ever were with him. I learned more about pushing the weights to the limit from him than I ever learned on my own.
  5. Globo Gyms are filled with impressive lifters, having an elitist garage gym mentality closes you off to learning from people who are truly better than you.
  6. Doing one arm side presses with spring collars is a mistake.
  7. When learning a caber toss for the first time, don’t try to “catch” it if the massive log falls behind you.
  8. Good mornings never did jack for my deadlift.
  9. Half an hour of intense medicine ball training will be harder than half an hour of lifting.
  10. Lat Pulldowns are not an explosive exercise.
  11. After training with Stallone’s cousin a few times, I now know why they both look like they can eat bricks.
  12. Slow cardio is vastly underrated for fat loss and heart health amongst the HIT crowd.
  13. Having just a day of training arms is asinine. Coincidentally, many of those of the guido culture prefer training arms only on Fridays.
  14. The triceps and shoulders are the key to a big bench.
  15. Having a strong back will help with every… single… compound… lift you can think of.
  16. The single greatest destroyer of your progress in the gym isn’t diet or bad training, its excessive alcohol use.
  17. Forget what you think you know about eating to gain or lose; if you want to know how to manipulate your eating, talk to a competitive bodybuilder.
  18. Steroids do NOT guarantee results. They just guarantee you have extra testosterone floating around. If you eat and train like a pussy, you will get pussy results regardless of what you are taking.
  19. High rep training isn’t just for hypertrophy, it can help sore joints. If you are sore, back off a few weeks with high rep work and you will be amazed at the results.
  20. Humility is the greatest quality any lifter or coach can have. Arrogance and cockiness is easily seen through.
  21. On the day I first pulled 600 pounds, a smaller lifter in the same gym pulled 615 for reps. As I was happy with my deadlift, the fact remains there is always room to improve.
  22. Double check dumbbells for loose nuts before using them over your face.
  23. Never trust people to load the bar for you, always ensure its loaded properly. Its your weight, its your responsibility to make sure its right.
  24. I never saw the value of wearing a weight belt doing barbell curls until I witnessed a man doing cheat curls with his back almost parallel to the floor. He had insanely large arms, ties into the genetic freak comment. Every rep was like that, every single one.

Comment with some of your gym lessons, I wanna hear them.


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5 thoughts on “Stuff I have learned over the years about training

  1. Zercher squats look good. I learnt about an exercise I have never seen anyone else doing. You stand on your head with your feet resting on a wall if necessary, and then pick a barbell up to your waist. Or try it with a weight plate firstly.


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