Unless you are blind

You will see a new website in front of your face.

Its really not that hard to tell, there’s a clean banner, new colors, organization and a small bit of professionalism.

Just a little….

This coincides with the soon to be released e-book.

Yes, I said that a hundred times, but trust me… this is worth the weight <— see what I did there.

It isn’t a 10-12 week program to peak, it isn’t a program that you have to guess what to train after squats, this is a comprehensive customizable blueprint to get you three things:

  1. Stronger
  2. Jacked as hell
  3. Tanned like a Guido (Snooki tanning cream not included)

This is a program you can do for a very long time. I would say lifetime, but I am not that much of a tool to even think that you are going to stick with one program forever. If you did that I would applaud your consistency and probably think you are the guy who lines up socks in organized rows next to your color coded underwear.

I can tell you this for a damn certainty… this program is the best thing I have done for my own training in a very long time. Everything from strength to symmetry has improved. I am not just saying that because I am selling the book. I am saying that because I am Jay friggin’ Ashman AND I am selling it…  but it does work well. I am gathering up testimonials from individuals and even an entire gym-based strength class who decided to use this as their program.

Hint… its from a CrossFit gym. One more chalked up win for the bad guys. Dump the kool-aid folks, its more fun on the side of the swole.

Enjoy the revamped, reloaded and still the same old asshole Jay webpage. Share it, embrace it, hug it and treat it like your prized Shelby.

This just made your Monday a hell of a lot better, didn’t it?


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