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The most popular “strength” sport in the world is still bodybuilding. Most of us started lifting to look better and be stronger. That’s a fact. Not many kids said “ya know, I want to be strong and grossly out of shape”. That shit just doesn’t fucking happen.

There is nothing wrong with bodybuilding whatsoever. The functional cult will make fun of them, mock the cardio, mock the isolation movements and laugh at the “narcissism” of it. While at the same time they are their own breed of narcissist; tight ass shorts, no shirts, ripped abs, clothing that costs more than my car, wearing shirts that say “look at my snatch”, “asskicker”, and trying to get as lean as possible eating like a “caveman”.. because cavemen ate healthy all the time, right? I mean they never ate rotten meat, human flesh or anything like that… they had access to the finest food at all times…  ok back on track from my Family Guy type rant.

It used to be that the only access to strength training outside of a gym was magazines. Can you blame a lot of my generation for starting training the entirely wrong way? I mean I started off with a split routine. I didn’t know any better, I couldn’t google shit back in 1991 so I was left to my own devices and a gym filled with bodybuilders.

In 2013 there really isn’t a logical excuse for kids to look up shit online and get it all fucked up. All they have to do is google “beginning strength training” and you got Stronglifts.com and Starting Strength on the front page. Two solid programs to get any skinny kid started down the road to his other ball dropping.

Today for example….

After I finished my lifting session there was a kid doing some god awful RDL’s in the gym with weight that was clearly heavier than he should have been using. I have a soft spot for kids with horrible form, some kids learn as I did… the wrong way. Some kids learn from the idiot FB coach who doesn’t care about form, all he cares about is egos and winning, because he’s an idiot FB coach and not a strength coach.

I took the kid aside, looked at his program, went over the form issues with him on the RDL’s and gave him some suggestions to look at a program other than the bodybuilding.com program he picked. Of course he asked about the reverse hyper… and right then I knew that he reads too much shit from EFS, but he is reading the WRONG shit.

He left with a couple resources to check out and when I see him again he better be squatting and not doing god awful RDL’s and single leg hamstring curls.

Even in the internet age, kids are still doing split routines…. damn tragedy.


Diet gurus are all over the fucking place.

I won’t name names and talk trash on individuals or plans, but I will say this…

If you really want to learn how to eat for mass, eat for cutting and eat to maintain; go find a competitive bodybuilder and talk to them.

Fuck the gurus who have the holy grail, there really isn’t a magic formula for it that will allow you to binge and purge your face off to a 40 pound weight loss and ripped to shit abs.

Go to a meathead gym and talk to some guy who looks like his muscles are about to rip through his skin.

You’ll learn more about manipulating calories and macros from that one guy than you will ever learn from a “one size fits all” eating plan.





Shut up already

You lift weights, you move iron…

Know who is winning/boss/alpha? That skinny motherfucker who owns four companies, drives a 800 series BMW, lives in a 10,000 square foot house and has so much money he shits gold.

Lifting a weight makes you strong, it gives you confidence, it can carry over into your daily life with that increased confidence… it doesn’t mean you are boss/alpha/winning… no matter what you say on Facebook.


If you take steroids, own up to it… nobody really cares if you do or not, and you look like a fool if you tell someone you are natural and your head looks like a grape about to explode.

The best lifters in the world take them, the best athletes in the world most likely do (regardless of testing, that shit can be beat.. only the self-righteous USADA tries to fuck our athletes), the best bodybuilders ALL take them and people you see on a daily life may be taking them too.

Don’t try to hide behind some mask of drug free to look more moral, you just look like an ass.


Lift hard, rest well, eat like a “boss” (I just had to do it once) and live by your heart.


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