01-20-2013 Workout

After last week’s blog post I had quite an epiphany. As you all know who read this blog (all 10 of you) I have suffered from massive training ADD for years. The two programs I stuck with for a long period of time were 5/3/1 and my own Ashman Strength System.

Of those two, my own system worked far better for me than anything I ever used.

I did a couple days of DC training last week and after some thought I decided to go back to my system for a few reasons.

1. It gives me rep work on accessory lifts and on main lifts
2. I can tweak the lifts at times to include some speed work
3. I do infrequent ME work, so I stay fresher longer and still work on overall strength
4. Overhead work is a main lift, I love pressing overhead heavy
5. Its not pure BB training and its not pure PL training. Its powerbuilding, which is what I always had the most success doing
6. Since I am selling this system as an e-book soon, it would be wise to keep doing my own program and document the results instead of flipping around with it
7. In the previous months that I have followed my program to the letter I saw increases in all lifts while losing weight, increase muscularity and symmetry, my traps became an incorporated village and my legs finally started to catch up to my upper body in terms of size and strength

Since this was a “first thing in the AM workout” I did 15 minutes of elliptical to get blood flowing and my body warmed up. Followed up by PVC rolling and some stretching.

Set 1: 135 lbs × 8
Set 2: 135 lbs × 8
Set 3: 185 lbs × 8
Set 4: 225 lbs × 8
Set 5: 275 lbs × 8
Set 6: 315 lbs × 8

Set 1: 360 lbs × 20
Set 2: 360 lbs × 27 (20, 5, 2)

Rest paused the last set to burn out my quads

Set 1: 150 lbs × 15
Set 2: 150 lbs × 15
Set 3: 130 lbs × 10
Set 4: 90 lbs × 5

150 for 15 on set two was a struggle, so I dropped to 130 and then decided to do a drop set with that

Set 1: 85 lbs × 20
Set 2: 95 lbs × 20
Set 3: 95 lbs × 20

Set 1: 30 lbs × 12
Set 2: 30 lbs × 12
Set 3: 30 lbs × 12

Set 1: 10 reps
Set 2: 45 lbs x 10 reps

Good workout.


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