A single bar, a rack and plates… nothing else is ever “needed”

The mark of a good coach is getting results with the bare minimum.

A bar

A rack


Honestly, if you “need” more than that, you are mistaken.

Reverse Hypers? Not necessary…

Leg Curls? Not needed…

Sure, that shit is awesome to have, but if you are a broke-ass fool, you gotta do what you gotta do to get big, strong, swole, massive, jacked, whatever you wanna call it these days.

I compiled a list of exercises with just a bar, plates and a rack (and a simple wooden box if wanted)

You can download that here: DOWNLOAD LINKS ALL OVER THIS BITCH!

Its a freebie. Yes I am a hell of a nice guy. I give free shit out at times.

I may have missed a few exercises. You can get creative and maybe find more, but there are a shitload here

If you can’t look at this list and find a thousand ways to get your sorry ass jacked to fuck, you are a hopeless lifter and I weep for the future of you.

I have seen people get built like true badasses doing the simplest stuff in gyms, and I have seen people never change a damn thing about their physique while having the latest equipment available to them 24/7.


A bar

A rack


Want to get in shape? Sprint

Want to add explosiveness to your lower body? Jump and do explosive lower body lifts

Want upper body explosiveness? Do push presses, jerks, etc. Hell they work the whole body but amazingly also the upper… novel friggin idea.

Want to shred up? Eat right, moron.

I hate excuses when it comes to lifting, this list will show you that you can get a plethora of workouts from just three pieces of equipment. The bar you put in your hands, the rack you put the bar in and the plates you slam onto that bar… don’t forget collars. Get some good ones, those shitty spring collars won’t work with some of these exercises.

So the next time you hear someone bitch about equipment, or if you are one of those assholes that does it, print out this list and staple it to your own forehead or theirs and say “man up and hit the rack”.


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