Shit that makes me laugh, scream and shout


This industry has the collective ego of 500 CEO’s of industry. I swear if you put 500 CEO’s in a room with 500 lifters and bodybuilders, it would be a contest on who thinks they are the top dog.

I rarely have a jealous bone in my body, I want everyone to be the best they can be, even if I think they are acting like clowns. Hell, THIS blog may be a clown move but I shoot from the hip and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it.

Lifters talk shit on other lifters, bodybuilders prance around and act like actors. Not all of them, but enough do to make a lot of people look at the strength sports with a jaded eye.

I’ve met amazing people and I’ve met people I wouldn’t save from a drowning car.

Where am I getting at?

Simple… when you are at meets, support the person who may beat you. Winning isn’t everything. You have days when you suck and days when you feel like King Kong. Don’t talk shit behind people’s backs and act like a catty bitch. Don’t create animosity because someone is going to hear that and probably tell the other. People love gossip and strength sports are NO exception.


Alpha male syndrome.

Its annoying to see this.

What is an alpha male? They don’t post on facebook about how alpha they are, they don’t blow themselves up like they are bigger than they are. They just are.

Others define a true alpha, defining yourself as one is like giving yourself a nickname.

Shut up and just be who you are. Be strong, be confident. Don’t play a game just to appear better than you are. Fake confidence wears off when you shed the confines of the internet. Its easy to see through.

Are you a paper gangster or a thoroughbred? Be a pedigree.

I am not saying if I am one or not. I could care less, its a fucking label. I made plenty of mistakes in my life where others will look at me and say “yea he’s not” but I also live my life as I see fit for me so maybe THAT is Alpha. I don’t care what it is, its me. Like me or hate me, its me. I don’t care if I have 1000 friends or 3. The ones that mean a lot to me know where they stand and that’s all that matters.


Some men build themselves up to be these beast looking specimens to hide insecurities. Shit… some of the more insecure people I have ever met also look the best. Its a way to compensate for something they lack.

I am sure you can look in the mirror and say “yea, that’s right”… I did it myself for a while. It took a long time to be happy in my own skin and I don’t need validation from external sources to justify my existence.

I’ve seen dudes (and women) act like witty social animals online and in person come off like mice. Jump in front of a train if you are one of them. You are playing a role, you are creating an image based off the safety of hiding behind a keyboard. You need to step back and be who you are.

Nobody cares what you look like, how strong you are, or how great looking you are… because that physical is NOT a personality. Its an appearance. It strokes an ego that either may be small, great or normal. It can cause you to think that everybody wants you because you have the body of a greek god, or it can cause you no effect whatsoever.

People see through that shit, nobody likes a cocky asshole who overcompensates by being something he isn’t. Be you, and if you are truly a cocky, arrogant dick… go to therapy and learn some social skills. Because people aren’t attracted to exterior once they get to know you, once the facade wears off, you are just an asshole with muscles.


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