Random shit….

I know its pretty trendy for the hardcore lifting crowd to rip on bicep curls in the squat rack… personally I don’t give a shit unless there is someone actually waiting to use it. If not, by all means do them.

There are some key advantages to it that are yet unmentioned:

  1. The bar can be adjusted for ease of grabbing. Why bend over? Just set it up, grab and pump.
  2. Mirrors… most commercial gyms have mirrors in front of the rack. Every motherfucker wants to look at the arms when they curl. Everyone….
  3. 45 pound straight bar. EZ Curl bars look like hell. 45 pound bars are impressive.

So screw it, curl in the squat rack.. I do it.


Grass fed protein powder… who cares?

I like my cows treated with hormones. Its extra shit for my system to process and makes me tougher inside. I did the whole gluten free, paleo thing a couple years ago. Sure I felt awesome, but those cheat meals crippled my shit for a couple days. Hangovers were more fun than eating a slice of bread. Ok, back to grass fed… the day I spend 9.00 a pound for ground beef is the day when I am a millionaire. I can’t justify the price, and don’t tell me it prevents cancer, there is enough shit in our environment that causes it where eating grass fed meat (or sucking down shit tasting grass fed whey) isn’t going to help our cause. As much as I would love to support some humane food practices by solely buying free range, grass fed meats; my wallet would rebel against me.


The pro-gun lobby. Shut up. I like the right to bear arms, within reason. I don’t see the need for people to own automatic weapons, 30+ clip magazines or shit like that. Work with the other side to get some meaningful shit accomplished without ruining law abiding citizens rights. After the Newtown tragedy, its time to get serious and make some changes. Enough is enough.


The weather here is atrocious in the winter and horrible in the summer. The older I get the more I like the heat, but the heat with humidity makes me want to punt small cute animals. I don’t like walking and sweating when its 95% humidity at 95 degrees. The lake being half a mile away can kiss my ass.


Right now I am 270 pounds and pretty lean. I’d like to be leaner, not 6-pack lean because I think that would require too much food discipline on my end and I don’t want to live on grilled chicken and veggies like someone I know (yes, you). I like my pizza, I like my burgers, I like the occasional peanut butter candy bar and I like food. I eat quite a bit in the evening but if I ever actually committed to doing cardio more than once a month, I would be golden. Genetically I am capable of being leaner than I am, but my cardio discipline is about as good as a crack addict staying away from the glory hole for a rock.


Always have a plan. Training, life… whatever… and take that plan and realize that its going to need modification along the way. Adjust on the fly, adapt, learn, grow and be better. Remember, that what you want is worth the change, what you desire from anything is worth the thorny path to get there. Look within yourself, admit your mistakes, admit your shortcomings and chase that goal with all you have.


The world will not end tomorrow, but just in case the Mayans were right with their human sacrifices and crazy shit, its been nice blogging for you all. No looting, you can’t keep it when those fireballs shoot down from above and the Mayans are laughing at you.


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One thought on “Random shit….

  1. I agree with everything in this post, from not giving a shit about grass-fed meat, your opinions on guns, and having no desire to get super lean if it means sacrificing pizza and beer. haha


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