12-03-2012 Workout

Day one of The Cube system. Programming by Corey Hayes.

Set 1: 135 lbs x 3
Set 2: 135 lbs x 3
Set 3: 185 lbs x 3
Set 4: 185 lbs x 3
Set 5: 225 lbs x 3
Set 6: 275 lbs x 3
Set 7: 315 lbs x 3
Set 8: 315 lbs x 3
Set 9: 315 lbs x 3

Speed work

Set 1: 405 lbs x 2
Set 2: 405 lbs x 2

Reverse band for speed.

Set 1: 275 lbs x 5
Set 2: 315 lbs x 5
Set 3: 315 lbs x 5
Set 4: 315 lbs x 5
Set 5: 315 lbs x 5

After all the other squats 315 is what I could will the legs to do, these were very narrow and rock fucking bottom.

Set 1: 560 lbs x 15
Set 2: 560 lbs x 15
Set 3: 560 lbs x 15
Set 4: 560 lbs x 15

Haven’t done any leg pressing in ages…

Set 1: 120 lbs x 12
Set 2: 120 lbs x 12
Set 3: 120 lbs x 12

Set 1: 85 lbs x 15
Set 2: 85 lbs x 15
Set 3: 85 lbs x 15

Set 1: 15 reps
Set 2: 15 reps

The reason why I changed it up from my program to this is simple. I wanted a new eye on my own programming to see how far someone else can push me. I have done my e-book program for almost 5 months with some great results and I was ready for something different before I go back to my program.

I said before, my program is NOT a strength specific program.. its a hybrid of strength and bodybuilding. It will put on a great base of what you need to get ready to peak for a meet, to look better, be stronger and have some symmetry. I love what my program did for me and I will go back to it after this.

Day one thoughts: I am a huge fan of volume and this has it. If this doesn’t bring my squat up, I will seriously raid a fucking village in Iowa somewhere.


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