It must be the water here but collectively Ohio has the worst drivers and parkers in the nation. I can’t even explain the insanity of it.

Winter is coming and I am already dreading the cold. People say that you’ll miss the seasons if you move somewhere warm. Bullshit. Nothing says Christmas quite like warm weather and sun. If Santa was real he would base his camp in Cancun.

Another thing the cold does is kill my joints. What takes me a few minutes to get loose in the warm months takes me 15 at least when it’s colder. When squatting with a bar feels like an old wooden door opening up, it’s no bueno.

Let’s talk about something that makes me want to throw babies in the street…. People who don’t train that cast judgment on ones that do. I’ve heard plenty of times “working out like that is unhealthy… Taking those vitamins will kill you etc etc”. Yea because sitting on your ass and drinking a 6 pack every other night is a model of excellent health. I don’t care how you used to squat 500 pounds in high school, but let’s face it, that was probably a typical quarter squat. I don’t care that “you coulda played in the NFL” because if I had a dollar for every time I heard that I would be able to buy a used car with a nice bit of money down and an affordable payment plan.

They aren’t doing shit now. And they know it. So anyone who wants to is looked at as an anomaly in life. Since when is being strong and in shape an anomaly? It is to certain people. Ignore those idiots.

The ebook will be out shortly. It’s in editing phases now and I am working on a legalities, copyright crap and making it look like a professional piece of work for the 15 of you that may buy it. Let me stress that this isn’t a powerlifting manual. It isn’t a bodybuilding book. It a happy medium between both strength and physique which will make the vast majority of lifters happy. You’ll get stronger, you will become more symmetrical and look better and if you actually do the conditioning work, you will be in better shape. Testers have proven that to me this far. My own results have proven that. In my years of lifting I can safely say this is the best thing I’ve written up as far as a program goes, and I am not just saying that to sell books.


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