Treat your body as you would a business

Training means having a mission statement. Like any company built from the ground up, they have a code they follow with business. Your body is your company. Its going to advertise your training methods, your trainer, your program and your results.

Go into your program half-assed and you look bankrupt. Sure you will have some results, but like the people in your gym looking the same year after year doing the same shit all the time, you will be a less valuable commodity.

Companies adapt, they change. They also stay the course when things work, and make minor adjustments along the way when growth stagnates. This is how you should approach your training. Being consistent is the key to long-term progress. You will have to be a raging idiot not to think that. Consistency does NOT mean doing the same thing over and over either. It means, as a successful company does, making changes, tweaking, bringing in new ideas, researching new methods and implementing piece by piece to see what happens to the final product.

A successful training program is rooted in some key principles. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, planning. Same way as any company is built.

You don’t go to work and give a half-assed effort, do you? Why do it in the gym? Your body is your own personal enterprise, its something you are building from the ground up. You start as a one man team, as you add programs you add knowledge and value, as you eat better, you add value… as your value grows, so does your company, ie your results.

Don’t devalue what you project to others by taking on your training in a mediocre manner. Attack it, learn, grow, adapt and at the end of the day you just built a better foundation for yourself that will last years beyond the casual trainer who just goes through the motions.


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