11-04-2012 Workout

Set 1: 135 lbs x 4
Set 2: 135 lbs x 4
Set 3: 185 lbs x 3
Set 4: 225 lbs x 3
Set 5: 225 lbs x 3
Set 6: 245 lbs x 3

Adding some explosive work to my training. Need to generate more power from my hips to be able to improve more. One of my major issues with lifting is my slow ass. I have tweaked my template to add speed lifts and olympic-type lifts to it, going to see what happens.

I’ve made good progress with my program, but it can be improved on… like all programs.

Set 1: 135 lbs x 3
Set 2: 135 lbs x 3
Set 3: 185 lbs x 3
Set 4: 225 lbs x 3
Set 5: 275 lbs x 3
Set 6: 315 lbs x 3
Set 7: 405 lbs x 3
Set 8: 345 lbs x 5

Wasn’t my best day squatting. Felt a little eh in the hole for some reason. Topped out at 405 for 3 instead of going heavier. It wasn’t a hard 3, more like a heavy day instead of max effort, but today that is all I wanted to accomplish feeling like I was.

Set 1: 20
Set 2: 20
Set 3: 20

Set 1: 8 reps
Set 2: 8 reps
Set 3: 8 reps

Set 1: 45 lbs x 12
Set 2: 65 lbs x 12
Set 3: 85 lbs x 12


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