10-24-2012 Workout

Set 1: 135 lbs x 5
Set 2: 135 lbs x 2
Set 3: 225 lbs x 2
Set 4: 225 lbs x 2
Set 5: 225 lbs x 2
Set 6: 315 lbs x 2
Set 7: 315 lbs x 2
Set 8: 315 lbs x 2

Focusing on speed from the floor. Did these off a jumpstretch platform with doubled over mini bands.

Set 1: 255 lbs x 3
Set 2: 275 lbs x 30

As I was starting the first set with full intentions of doing 3×12 ass to grass, the song “Back in Black” came on my iPod. So I had a bright idea of starting my first “Back in Black Squat Attack”. I racked the weight, paused the song, reset it to the beginning, added 20# to the bar and decided to just do one set to the entire song.

30 reps later and I was shot… doing these with the SSB was downright nasty. My muscular endurance isn’t great anyway so it was a horrific 4:15.

The rest of the workouts was rough being that I blew my load doing that one big ass set.

Set 1: 100 lbs x 20
Set 2: 100 lbs x 20
Set 3: 100 lbs x 20

Set 1: 170 lbs x 12
Set 2: 170 lbs x 12
Set 3: 170 lbs x 12

Set 1: 40 lbs x 10
Set 2: 40 lbs x 10
Set 3: 40 lbs x 10


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