Tips and tricks for the house

Modern living doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice do-it-yourself projects or spend extra money hiring a qualified tradesman to fix things around your house.

You can also make your life a lot more fun and more rewarding by following these simple tips for better living.

– Fixing a clogged toilet –

Most of us reach for the snake or some crappy plunger you bought for 99 cents at the dollar store that falls apart. There is an easier way to unclog the toilet and it starts with the deadlift. You reach down and rip that son of a bitch off the floor, clog solved. If you haven’t deadlifted at all, you will have to look like a weakass trying to toy with snakes.

This way fixes the clog easily AND gives you an excuse to go to Home Depot to buy a new toilet and look around for 4 hours.


– A broken lawnmower –

You have some fancy self-propelled mower you spent 400 bucks for, it breaks. Most people would now either get it fixed, buy a new one or hire a landscaper.

Not you… you push a prowler. So you need to rig up an old school push mower on the front of that prowler, push that evil bastard across your lawn dozens of times. Now you have a freshly manicured lawn, and a hell of a workout.

If you have an acre or more, man up… you don’t want to be a fatass do you?

– Fixing a crack in the driveway –

You can be ghetto and get some patching crap and fill it up. Meanwhile your neighbors all have nice driveways and yours looks like a 40 year old road. Of course you can hire someone to rip it up and do it all over again, or you can grab a sledgehammer, hammer the piss out of the driveway and fix it yourself.

Impractical? Hell no… sledgehammer work works the whole body, so what about the driveway, that’s fixable… you only live once.

Stay tuned for more handy tips from A.S.S.


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