E-book updates

As of right now the book is over 40 pages long. What started out as a small project has jumped up to be a project with 2 editors who have a better mastery of the written word then I do, filling in all sorts of potential questions – yes, even the stupid ones because there are bound to be a few of them floating in cyber land, references because the science geek who lifts will want that – sorry I’m not Bret Contreras, I write as I talk and maybe a few little tales about my life under the bar.

There have been some impressive results with this so far.

One tester has increased his deadlift from 585×2 to 585×4

One tester has increased his 10RM on the squat from 205 to 285

One tester has increased his bench from 405 to 435

The basis of the program is rotating main lifts from doing higher reps (8-12) one time to lower reps (4-6) and then the next time a max effort lift. There is a lot more to it than this simple explanation, but judging by the results from the testers (and my own results) it is looking like a fantastic program for the intermediate to advanced lifter to add strength, size and aesthetics.

After all, we want to be big and strong, but why be a fatass along with it?

Stay tuned, it will be released pretty soon.


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