A bit of reality for the training profession

You have dreams of being a trainer/coach with a little warehouse filled with power racks, dumbbells, sleds, tires and montly membership plans. You read all the marketing material online that pertains to the fitness industry and you figure it all out.

You have a business plan, you have an idea where you want to set up, you have bookmarked equipment vendors on your computer’s browser and you are ready to roll.

That’s always a good dream for many, but it doesn’t happen that way for most. Shit costs money, opening a warehouse gym takes you into the tens of thousands of dollars when you are all said and done, then you have to worry about the slow first few months until all your guerilla marketing tactics pay off.

Unless you have mommy and daddy, a well-to-do spouse or a sugar mama backing your ass up, its going to be peanut butter and white bread for you the first year or so unless everything as planned falls into place.

That is stuff that most internet fitness marketers won’t tell you off-hand, they have to sell the 199 dollar fitness warehouse gym blitz package that guarantees you 30 clients a week for the next 50 years if you follow those simple steps.

Don’t worry, your dream isn’t shattered, you just need to be aware that is takes some HARD ass work, long hours, severe sacrifice and a lot of referrals. I know, personally, a very well-respected strength coach in a pricey state who has a successful training facility with his apartment built into the gym. THAT’S dedication and sacrifice. Dude lives, eats, breathes and shits his gym.

More often that not you have to start off training people at globo gyms. Yes, the globo gym. You can hate it all you want, but what do you want to do, tap yourself financially and go into the business half-assed, or do you want to start the smart way and build up a reputation before you venture out into that beloved warehouse facility you so dearly want.

There you have to do the same amount of work it will take to build up your OWN business. You work for the gym, yes, but if you are a lazy trainer who spends his time hanging out rather than being a social butterfly, you will be a broke-fired-ass trainer. Gyms want to make money, you want to make money… be prepared to hustle your ass off.

This business is almost oversaturated with people thinking they will just have a damn six-pack, look like a fitness model and jump into a gym saying “here I am bitches!” and dozens of doughnut eating citizens will just throw their granny panties at them yelling “oh god!!! Here he is!!!! sign me up for 100 sessions!!!”

It doesn’t work that way, nobody gives a shit who you are, and unless you are some celebrity trainer or an already established coach, people are NOT going to seek you out. You need to make it happen, if you don’t, some other enthusiastic freshcut trainer will lap your ass like your engine blew.


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