09-20-2012 Workout

Set 1: 135 lbs x 3
Set 2: 135 lbs x 3
Set 3: 225 lbs x 3
Set 4: 315 lbs x 3
Set 5: 405 lbs x 3
Set 6: 500 lbs x 3

My deadlift progress is crawling along, at my pace. I am not trying to go balls out with the weights as of yet, the idea is to build up confidence again, fix the form issues and prevent another injury which will set me back again. Weight isn’t an issue at all, I’d rather take a couple months to creep along at this pace fixing the issues that caused my pull to suffer greatly than rush it and screw it up again.

Set 1: 95 lbs x 5
Set 2: 185 lbs x 6
Set 3: 225 lbs x 6
Set 4: 245 lbs x 6

This is to a very low box, ass to ankle almost. The idea is to keep my back tight using the Safety Squat Bar and drive out of the hole as fast as I can. These are beyond humbling.

Set 1: 315 lbs x 10
Set 2: 315 lbs x 10
Set 3: 315 lbs x 10

Hold the bar as you would a shrug, slump your shoulders forward, shrug up and back squeezing the back and scapula together. 

Set 1: 6 reps
Set 2: 6 reps
Set 3: 6 reps


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