Clear definable goals

Everyone needs them. If your goal is to get in shape, be more damn specific. If your goal is to get stronger, well how much stronger? What weight do you want to be at? What weight do you want to move?

You can’t aimlessly shuffle along with no goal and expect progress to just drop into your lap. People with no goals are the ones doing circuit training on machines while talking to their gym buddies for 2 hours about grinding up on some girl at the club while sucking back some red bull and grape vodka.

Don’t be that guy. Train with a mission in mind, not like a tool.

I have goals. No matter what I do for competitive events these goals are set in stone and the path to achieve them is part of the fun.

Squat: 600

My squat has always been crappy. Don’t know why, don’t care. I just want 600 on my damn back. My legs are built like a 600 pound squatter but the weight I push doesn’t indicate that.

Bench: 475

I won’t be a 500 pound bencher. But 475 is realistic.

Deadlift: 675

When my back was healthy and my mind wasn’t screwed from it, I could pull almost 650 in gyms. I’m bigger and stronger overall now so as long as my back doesn’t explode out of my erector muscles I can get to this.

Press: 315

I love overhead work. I want this number badly.

Bodyweight: 270-275 at about 10-12% bodyfat

I’m tall. 6’3″. I refuse to gain weight in excess to get lifts up. I still want to be able to sleep without a CPAP machine and it’s nice to be able to go to the bathroom without peeling back layers.

They are now on paper. Hold me accountable. I have a tendency to shift gears as often as an old lady driving through traffic so this is my way of saying that I need a team to keep my ass in check.

What are your goals?


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4 thoughts on “Clear definable goals

  1. raw squat 227.5 kgs, raw bench 155 kgs, raw dl 295 kgs at 105 kgs or less BW. Those are my goals to be achieved within the next 6 months. All would be lifetime PR’s. Current meet PR’s: 207.5kg sq (accomplished 3 months ago at 104 kg), 340 lb bp (accomplished 4.5 yrs ago when I was a fat 285 lbs), 292.5 kg dl (accomplished 9/1992, 100 kg wt class, can’t remember what I actually weighed, that was a long time ago)


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