I have a question…

In the comments part of this blog (or on facebook if you are reading it there). I want to know what kind of blog posts you want to see?

I get bored with the usual “this is how you do so and so” or “I’m a total badass” type of posts I always read, everything has been done before, what do YOU want to see more of written about here?

Feel free to add any kind of comment on what you want; videos, tutorials, humor, serious, I don’t care, just voice it.


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3 thoughts on “I have a question…

  1. I like to read about why you or any other lifter/blogger does what they do. Insight based on your experiences coaching others would be much appreciated as well. In my opinion, listing exercises, weights, sets and reps is more informative if there’s some context given for the structure and success of that particular workout.

  2. Maybe some specific cases of coaching or programming. Or general templates that you like to use for general situations. You could even rant about things, good or bad. Seems to work for me.

    –Justin from 70’s Big


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