Sable Weisman

I started doing online training with Sable well over 6 months ago and her progress has been phenomenal. She has her own blog with quite a following called Squat Like a Lady and has been featured in Shape Magazine online.

Her initial goal was to compete in a powerlifting meet, but her schedule with school and work prevented her from making that commitment. As she continued training for strength, she decided to shift gears and compete on stage.

We had to dramatically shift gears from a strength-dominated programming to one of hypertrophy and shape, being this is her first show and her time under the bar isn’t as long as some, I believe she has a very good future ahead of her with continued training. She’s a dedicated client, works hard, eats incredibly healthy and follows the program to the letter.

In her words:




When I decided to pursue strength rather than hypertrophy, I decided to call in an expert – Jay Ashman. Dude has experience in all realms of weightlifting/strength training, but you can read all about that on his website. I can tell you that after more than six months of working with him, I am confident I would not be where I am today without his programming and support. He knows his shit, and even better, he honestly cares about the success, performance, and health of his clients.

Case, meet point: When I first decided to compete, Jay mentioned that I needed to add some mass to my legs. I went along with it but privately disagreed – I always thought my legs were one of my strong points.Besides, I think it’s an excellent idea for anyone who is serious about training to have a second pair of eyes look over their programming. It’s hard to see your own strengths and weaknesses.

But uh…here I am, dieted almost all the way down, wondering why my legs look so skinny! (Of course, I am very flat, too – keto and all – but still.)

When I was injured, it was Jay’s advice that led me to the root of the problem (my jerk of a piriformis).

I can’t recommend Jay & his services enough. At the very least, join his group ( for awesome lifting discussions and more.


Sable finished 4th in her class in her first bikini contest at the 2012 St. Pete Muscle Classic.


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