Selling my soul to the e-book gods.

Yes I am…

I swore I would never do it, but this training program I developed for myself is working so damn well I just HAVE TO SHARE IT!!!!!

So I am going to Even-Esh myself out like a bastard and write it up for a cheap price and sell it…

(With all due respect to Zach Even-Esh who is a good man and a good coach, I just had to invoke the internet marketing guru’s name in that context)

This book will probably be priced in the 10 dollar range because there is a lot of information in it, but not so much that I will justify anything over that… I just think this program can help a lot of lifters with a lot of issues with training like:

  • Physique v. strength – fuck it, have them both
  • Exercise variety v. same old shit all the time
  • Muscular endurance v. strength – you can have it both ways … to some extent….
  • And much much (well not that much) more

I have a couple excellent editors and Grammar Nazis working with me, I have a few people testing it out for a 8-10 week run to see the results and I am organizing all the program details, references for science and training related info and will attempt to make this sound like a well-put together e-book rather than a shoot from the hip, raging ball of savagery that I usually am…

Keep tuned, spread the word… things are about to get good


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