Nobody starts off saying …..

There isn’t one lifter that starts off their lifestyle saying:

“you know, I want to be fat and strong. I want a belly protruding out so far that I have to lift it up to take a piss. I want a face so bloated it looks like I just ate a bag of MSG”

I’m sure that’s going to piss off some people who choose to gain a lot of weight to compete in a strength sport. This is NOT for them, you guys have definable goals and sometimes those goals will include slapping on a large amount of mass for a weight class.

If you don’t compete, or are finished competing and you look in the mirror and look like a before picture, what the hell are you doing to yourself??

There isn’t any logical reason if you are a normal gym goer to be out of shape. Ok you like being strong, but what good is that if you look like a hippo wading at the beach. You may take the attitude of saying, “real women don’t want six packs, they want a man” ok you may be partially right but I tell you what a woman doesn’t want… To roll over in bed and the first thing she sees is your man tits being as big as hers.

It’s about self-respect. It’s discipline. You’re tired? Maybe you need to drop some extra fat and rid your body of that estrogenic crap. You like to drink beer after work with the guys? Well cut those swilling days down to the minimum and re-dedicate yourself to something that not only costs less money but actually benefits you. You hate cardio? Christ, so do I. Who cares. Suck it up.

You lack self-confidence? We all did at some point in our lives, but pushing through that teaches you about yourself.

Face it, men are visual creatures. We all want our wives, girlfriends, dates, etc to look good. Why the hell can’t we too? We idealize the perfect woman in our eyes, don’t think they don’t do the same. And whether or not you are in a committed relationship or not you owe it to yourself to be healthier and look better.

So what’s the point of being as big as you can be to push the most weight if you never compete? Either compete and have fun with it or be realistic. Drop the flab, lean up some, do some cardio and eat better.

Training is a part of life, make it benefit your life instead of causing issues in it.


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