Self-imposed exile …

The self-imposed exile is over….

No more “just a training log”.

Part of the reason why I went on a self-imposed exile was because I started to really hate the self-promotion part of it. I looked around at people who I felt were overrated or complete jokes as coaches and started to disdain the “hero follower” mindset where the loudest bark gets the most praise.

That’s not how it should be, but having a conversation with someone rather well-known in the industry who told me “don’t bother with what others do, worry about what you do”. And it makes sense.

To some that is obvious, but if I allow myself to get irritated with the stupid stuff I see out there in this industry and let it affect me, they have won.

I am, by no means, the best around. I look at people like Chad Wesley Smith and the success he has with the numerous elite athletes in his gym, people like Josh Bryant who has trained countless champions in strength sports and people like Mike Robertson who has forgotten more about anatomy than I know… those are the leaders in the strength community. People like me pick up the slack but I offer a different voice than those.

I’m not going to talk about how much of a pussy you are for not squatting, about how not running hills makes you a baby, etc.. I will look back on my 18+ years in the gym and teach, explain programs, methods I know which worked for me and others and offer some (hopefully) new insights into them.

I’m not a rah rah kind of guy who is going to be super enthusiastic and post motivational stuff over and over. I’m intense, I’m blunt, I am in your face and I absolutely love the strength culture.

I took too long away from writing about the field I love the most and now I’m jumping back into it.


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