Never thought I’d say this…..

In the past year or so I have competed in strongman (finishing third in a very competitive field) competed in a push/pull meet and finished second in my class and planned to compete as a powerlifter in a full power meet.

I have trained for it and battled with my lower back off and on for seemingly forever.

In case most of you don’t know… And most don’t. I have played violent sports for most my life. Rugby and football. I also was a moderately successful amateur strongman in the early 2000’s as well as dabbling in highland games.

I screwed up my lower back and pinched my sciatic nerve on several occasions. I am fairly sure I have at least one herniated disk but what good would it do me to confirm it since most Americans live with one or more anyway.

How does that relate to today….

Whenever I pull heavy, if my form isn’t perfect my back feels like a NYC bus ran over it. My deadlift numbers have suffered a bit because my pulling confidence has taken a dive due to being worried about how the back feels.

You saw my program posted here a few weeks ago. I am enjoying it. I am getting used to the volume and realizing that I don’t need to go balls to the wall with the weights all the time. Being that I am incredibly hard on myself that is a challenge for me.

I am enjoying the physique changes and the chance to allow my body to take a massive break from murdering itself.

I will never be a great lifter. I have leverages that aren’t built for powerlifting but rather strongman, but my body is also too beat up to force myself to compete in my preferred sport anymore. Why should I sacrifice my back for a hundred dollar prize and a small trophy that will be hidden away? Why should I try to train for something specifically knowing that’ll my form suffers under fatigue I’ll spend the next week not being able to put on my shoes?

It’s not something I am willing to risk for so little reward. I had my time in the sun. I played a sport that most of us won’t dare play. I paid the price and now I have to cope with that.

By no means does that mean I gave up. That just means that I refuse to kill myself to compete as a powerlifter. It means that I will train how I want and compete for the fun of it.

After all….. Isn’t that what it’s about anyway?


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