Developed a good program I can stick with.

After experimented with different protocols this is what I came up with for myself.

After input from a trusted person whom I greatly respect, the finished product is:

Sunday – accessory legs

Low box squats 10-8-8-6
Leg press 2×20
Leg curls 3×10
Glute ham raise 3×10/good mornings 3×10
Abductors and adductors 3×10
Decline situps 3×15

Monday – bench day

Main bench exercise sets and reps vary
Board work sets and reps vary
Incline dumbbell bench 3×10
Chest supported row 3×10
Tricep pressdowns 3×10

Tuesday – shoulder accessory

Front/back press 2×12
Front raises 3×10
Side laterals 3×10
Rear delt raises 3×10
Face pulls 3×10

Thursday – squat and deadlift

Squat sets and reps vary
Deadlift sets and reps vary
Glute ham situps 3×10

Friday – back accessory

Mid back shrugs 3×10
Upper back good mornings 3×8
Close grip lat pulldowns 3×10
Chinups 3x failure
Standing pulldowns 3×10

This was designed with my weak points and my needs in mind. It’s not necessarily going to help you so don’t try and do it with the assumption that you will get the same desired results out of it.

All training programs for clients are based off their specific needs and weak points. Not a generic template that I fraudulently sell to each person.


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