03-20-2012 Workout

Decided to have a little inspirational fun today with my accessory work…. details after the main lift

Trap Bar DL
155 x 5
255 x 5
345 x 3
435 x 3
525 x 8

How many of you from my generation remember this annoying song, well its been stuck in my damn head for a while so I share it with you so it can get stuck in yours…

My accessory work took on the 12’s concept, why? Because the voices in my head told me to šŸ˜‰

Leg Extension
12 x 12 x 190

This may be a bad idea….. I foresee cramping

GHD Raise
6 x 6 :30 rest between sets

No way was I doing 12×12 for GHD unless I wanted to not walk for a month, so 6×6 it was, added it still equals 12 and with the short rest periods it kind of sucked…

No abs today, laughter took care of that…..


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