03-08-2012 Workout

Safety bar squat
155 x 4
245 x 2 x 3
335 x 2 x 3
355 x 2 x 2

Tweaked knee somehow so I didn’t push this today. Kept it a bit on the easy side.

Wanted to do side press next. Look it up… But we didn’t have any collars that would hold weight on a vertical bar do I decided to do one arm DB snatches instead. Been a long time since I did these.

DB snatches
115 x 2 x 3
125 x 3 x 1

Leg curls 30s rest between sets
190 x 10,8,7,5

Toes to bar slow and controlled, not kipping like an asshole

Back work galore tomorrow and the prowler.

Ever want something so bad you can almost taste it? Yea that’s me right now.


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