As some of you may know, I played rugby for a long time…

I believe it is the ultimate team sport. Everyone has a chance to handle the ball, everyone tackles, everyone needs to work together, it requires pinpoint kicking, pinpoint passing, communication, trust and balls.

It requires speed, endurance, toughness, aggressiveness, fitness and fearlessness.

Nowhere in any other sport does it have tackling happen with a turnover in play immediately after. In football you have huddles, in rugby you don’t. Plus the whole no-pad idea often scares away those who find safety in being covered with more protective gear than a SWAT team.

Sure I respect football, don’t get me wrong, but I prefer rugby.

Having said all that…

I am now helping coach a local HS rugby club. Today was our first real full team practice. After running around with them, teaching the kids how to do basic rugby skills and simulating a game at the end… I really miss the sport.

Powerlifting, or at least training for it, isn’t enough to satisfy me… it never was… and the only strength sport that actually made my blood boil was strongman.

So I decided that I will give rugby another year of my life, where… well not here…. but the preparation needs to begin.

My competitive juices flow the fastest when I am on the pitch. Its a rush, its a thrill and it brings out a side of me that wants to win above all else.

I already train in the gym with the sole purpose of getting stronger and I added in sprints recently to the mix, let’s see how it all ties together so when I am on the pitch, I am not only ready to play, I am better than I ever was….

Yes, its another goal…. but goddamn I can’t help it. Rugby is in my blood, its the one sport that I played where I can absolutely say I felt at home in.


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