02-26-2012 Workout

Took two days of much needed rest only to come back today with a good workout.

Maybe there IS something to “resting” after all… imagine that.

Ass to grass squats
45 x 10
135 x 5
225 x 3
315 x 2
365 x 2
405 x 2 x 2
425 x 2 x 2
365 2ct pause x 4

Rack Push Press
45 x 3
135 x 2
185 x 1
205 x 2 x 1
225 x 2 x 1
245 x 1
275 x 2 x 1

A fair amount of volume today and still working on that explosiveness. A lot better than last time with the rack presses and next time I will push it to 285/295.

As I was recovering and putting the bumper plates away, I received an awesome surprise… made the morning that much better 🙂


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