If anyone

If people actually follow my posts they are wondering why I am training so often and seemingly killing myself… I know one person is noticing this…

Well allow me to be a little personal here…

The gym, right now, is therapy. I will not go into specific details as that isn’t my style to be that douche to spill his guts online, but all you need to know is that the gym is about the only place where I have control right now.

I look at my workouts as a form of self-fulfillment right now. I see the progress on the iron and in the mirror and I have immediate control over that.

The last couple years of my life has been chaotic, incredibly chaotic…. not all bad, but not all good either…

Through all of that, and my future somewhere else but here, I have taken solace in my training.

I have changed programs a few times because my attention span with that is horrible. I went from strongman to trying out PL and not being entirely happy with just 3 lifts for 1RM. I learned that I miss doing different shit in the gym, shit like rack jerks, strongman movements, sprints and old-time strongman lifts that are rarely seen today.

I am a competitive person who doesn’t care if I enter a competition again. I have nothing to prove. I played rugby at a high level for many years and competed against some of the best athletes I have ever played against. I broke my ass doing strongman contests, competed hurt, gotten hurt and did well. I tried my hand at PL doing a push/pull meet and got 2nd in my class.

I don’t follow a program, I just have upper and lower days anymore. I like this so much better and just letting the chips fall where they may…

After all this rambling on, you are probably bored by now…

Let me sum it up quick…

  • The iron is therapy
  • I can control it
  • With that control comes a lack of thinking
  • With that lack of thinking comes better progress because I’m not stressing over it
  • That allows me to tackle other areas of my life with more enthusiasm
  • Which will allow my goals and my life dreams to be met with a greater vigor and focus

Make sense?

My way isn’t for everyone, but its working so far for me….

Tiocfaidh ár lá


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