Conversation in the gym today….

As I was getting ready to do another set, a young man walked up to me (we will call him freshie) and initiated this conversation with me…

Freshie “have you lifted for a long time?”

Me “yes”

Freshie “well I am new to this and I figured I would start by doing two bodyparts a day”

Me “don’t do that”

Freshie “why? (insert trainers name here) said that is the best way and he gave me a list of stuff to do”

Me “let me see that, he doesn’t know what the hell he is doing”

I shuffle through a list of exercises such as leg press, chest press (machine), calf raises, curls, leg extensions, machine, machine… etc…

Me “dude seriously man, this is not going to help you, there is no squatting, no deadlifting, no barbell work at all”

Freshie “well (idiot trainer who gave this to him) is a personal trainer”

Me “yea so was I and this guy sucks, trust me”

I write down my number for any questions and a list of two books for him to read. Starting Strength is one because it is a great resource for the new lifter and I told him to buy 5/3/1 just because. He isn’t ready for 5/3/1 as he needs to actually know how to lift, but the book itself is a nice call to arms for a lifter to get the hell away from the asshole bodypart splits and be a man.

Me “Here, read these two and call me if you have questions, I am not going to train you but I will help you”

Freshie “Well I don’t want to get big, I am going into the Police Academy”

Me “Well then don’t get big, lift heavy, eat right and run”

Freshie “Huh?”

Me “Don’t eat shit food and run to stay in shape as well”

Freshie “Ok, I got it, so if I have any questions I will call you”

He called two hours later……

That, my friends, is real marketing….

No bullshit, no leading an idiot to sign up for 18 months, but helping a dude out who clearly wants it.

Maybe I will train him, maybe I won’t… haven’t decided yet, but he wants it and if I can help another young man stay away from back/bis and chest/tris and keep him OFF THE LEG PRESS…. Victory is ours.


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One thought on “Conversation in the gym today….

  1. as simple as possible…after the bodypart a day route I stumbled onto starting strength and 5/3/1 hard to mess that shit up at least you pointed someone in the right direction.


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