02-22-2012 Workout

You all know I don’t follow a set program as I am tired of them, tired of trying to do certain things on certain days when I may want to say “the hell with it, let’s throw some shit around”

Today was kind of no exception…

Sometimes I look to another for some inspiration for workouts, not copying… but saying “hey, what do YOU want to see me do today…”

Keeps my workouts exciting knowing another is motivating the hell out of them… 🙂

So today….

Fat Bar press off pins with mini bands (???) the bar weighs about 50-55 pounds
55 x 10
105 x 3
145 x 3
195 x 3
205 x 2 x 1
145 x 12

Took a video of the last 205 set and it was one long ass lockout. I pretty much willed that up. 205 is not a hard press but add band resistance from a dead stop and you just made some shit happen.

Swiss Bar Rows
135 x 8
225 x 4 x 5

I thought, “hey this may be a cool idea, its a neutral grip row and its a barbell, so let’s do this”

But the bar itself is about 10″ wide so you really have to bend over far so you don’t smack the piss out of your knees with it. Not as easy as you think to row while bent over like a prison rape victim.

When 225 is humbling, you know its a bitch…

And no the video won’t be posted, that is MSFW only.


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