02-21-2012 Workout

Decided today to massacre my legs with some twenty rep squats. Needless to say my muscular endurance isn’t what it used to be so the working weight was a lot lower than what I wanted to use.

135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 20

Ouch. Freight trains huff and puff less.

And this wasn’t enough…..

Olympic pause squats
315 x 2
335 x 2
365 x 2 x 2

Power shrugs
135 x 4
315 x 4
405 x 4
495 x 4
585 x 4
675 x 2 x 4

Barbell rollouts
135 x 3 x 8

Why? Because self punishment is enjoyable.

Plus my muse was in full effect today, which is always a serious motivation.

So gracias…..


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