Something made me smile yesterday

Besides the usual….

I was in the gym in the afternoon and we have an older dude who trains clients there as well. Now I never saw him in action so I didn’t know what to expect.

Keep in mind this is a commercial gym where you see some real stupid shit by “expert” trainers. I won’t name names as I am not here to publicly humiliate people, but truth is truth.

This guy had his female client doing power snatches, squats, single arm DB jerks and pullups.

Not ONE machine was used….

I made it a point to walk over to him, in front of her, and compliment his style. He doesn’t know me, nor does he need to, but to let him know that someone appreciated a trainer taking the time to actually teach instead of plopping a client on a machine and say “ok, move this static bar”.

I applaud this man.


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