I’m not delusional

After looking at my blog stats, I get a consistent viewership on par with websites that have flash, javascript and animated gifs all over the place… meaning, only a handful of people give a shit, of those handful, there’s maybe one who is dedicated to reading this one besides me… which is all good in my eyes 😉

Why do I say this?

I’m not an internet celebrity, I don’t even have face to face clients anymore save for the handful I do online training for and they love what results they are having.

I’m no facebook pimp, nor am I a twitter pimp. I mainly follow a few (read one MAYBE two) people in detail because I care, the rest are largely white noise.

I have no time for marketing, self-promoting, YouTube videos talking about the activation of the trap muscles when doing a zercher squat off of a 4″ foam pad for maximum upper body power…. I just don’t give a shit….

I am not cynical, I just don’t like the fitness industry on a whole. I hate trainers who praise their clients no matter what, I hate stupid workouts, I hate when I see a bullshit bio on a blog of a 22 year old kid who claims to be a training guru and I hate when I see kids who have NEVER paid their dues try and tell ME that they know what they are doing… now I do NOT claim to know it all, but there isn’t a 22 year old alive that has the time under the bar as a 37 year old man has. Period…

What I like to see is people trying, sweating, moving and being taught. Your client isn’t paying you to be their buddy for that hour, go out for a smoothie or some hummus afterward or whatever healthy shit you consume, but for that hour… kick their ass in a productive way.

So take the ExSci degree and wipe your ass with it, until you spend time with men who are stronger than 4 of you, shut up….

So for all my 10 loyal readers (give or take a handful) and that one who checks in everyday (yes I know, I have a pretty damn good webstat analyzer and I have a satellite hookup that zooooooooms in on that house), thank you.

For the rest of you……

You are missing out, although you will never read this…. 


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