02-20-2012 Workout


My lower back keeps getting tweaked when pulling conventional and only pulling sumo does it actually feel ok, so do I go to the meet with little sumo experience and take my chances or do I scratch this one and prep for one in the late spring/early summer while I am still in Ohio?

While I mull that over, and I get some outside advice, I had some awesome external motivation today (again) and had a good lifting day…

Close grip bench
165 x 5
165 x 5
209 x 5
231 x 5
275 x 5
319 x 5
341 x 5
385 x 4

4 board Wide Grip
385 x 5
429 x 3
451 x 3

Kroc Rows
150 x 18 per arm

Thanks for the motivation… 


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