What Cleveland and NYC have in common…

Not too much actually, but this isn’t going to be an anti-Cleveland rant because I could go on and on for a book worthy dissertation, but I will focus on one particular element, which puzzles me…

Guido culture…

Seems like everywhere you go the Jersey Shore has permeated bar culture.

I work in a bar on the weekends, its amusing and it pays well. I get to see all sorts of people from the freaks to geeks, jocks to armchair athletes, kids and idiots and of course the people who try too hard… as well as the Guidos.

There are those dudes who come to the bar Synthol’ed up like a blown up balloon wearing jeans that will fit someone’s little sister. Upper bodies like the hulk who just sucked down a air filled tank and lower bodies that any emo kid would get moist over.

I should expect this… why am I even surprised.

Lesson to those studded teeshirt wearing morons, you aren’t impressive, people do laugh at you and the ones who don’t are just as stupid as you are.

In my next life, bar life won’t be happening for me… in this life, I gotta do it… as much as I loathe that environment I always enjoy the people watching, the guys who think that by grinding up on random girls they are going to get laid… Of course, every girl likes some guy holding a drink to bump up on them after he just ran his crotch over 20 girls to get to you.

So Clevelanders… you aren’t near a shore, Lake Erie doesn’t count… its freshwater and in my book a shore has salt water, boardwalks, arcades, GOOD pizza and not this crap they call pizza here and salt water taffy…

So please, for the love of all that you hold dear about your town of Cleveland, train some legs.


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