I keep it real

In the gym today after I got done with my assualt on myself there was a kid doing some 3×5 squats.

He asked me for a spot while doing 315. I was thinking, “hey, this is impressive, a 16 year old kid doing 315 for sets of 5, you don’t see that everyday”

Then he squatted… while I could have been a real dick and stopped him mid-set with his 1/4 squatting toes pointing straight ass, I waited until he was done and we had this exchange…

Me: “Dude, that looks like shit”

1/4 kid: “Why?”

Me: “hit parallel man”

1/4 kid: “but a coach told me blah blah”

Me: “well he is wrong”

and I proceed to teach him, strip the bar down to 135 and have him get his ass below his mid-thigh

Full squatting kid: “wow, that is hard”

Me: “yes, I know, those are called hamstrings, use them”

I should have told him I know women who squat more than him who are half his size… but why ruin his ego.

Ridding the world of bad squatting one misled kid at a time…


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