02-10-2012 Workout

Wasn’t feeling my best today, need to eat more calories for sure…

65 x 10
155 x 8
245 x 3
335 x 3
425 x 3 x 2

Power Shrugs
225 x 5
405 x 5
495 x 3
675 x 3 x 3

So now I am home making pork ribs marinated in some oil with salt and pepper… about 4 pounds worth. Its missing something though…. anybody have any suggestions? Someone????


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2 thoughts on “02-10-2012 Workout

  1. Mmm. Pork ribs.

    Two suggestions. Get yourself some “go to” dry rubs like Bone Suckin’ Sauce or something similar.
    If you’d rather stick with something simple a little bit of rosemary and maybe some balsamic vinegar goes a long way on pork ribs, I have found.

    Good luck, Sir!