I eat like hell…..


Confession time…

I eat like an ass.

The worst part is that I know better. When I was training all sorts of people I would admonish them about their horrific eating when I was the guy to have a snack of peanut butter cups and diet coke.

I routinely eat 2 times a day, and often forget to take my fish oil and protein shakes.

Of those two meals, one of them is usually going to be something not quite fitting for a strength enthusiast.

So, what is my problem???

Food discipline.

I had it once. When I was entrenched in the CF cult a few years ago (a dark time in my life) I was following Paleo to almost the letter… The only real thing I allowed myself that Paleo looked upon with disdain was my peanut butter and peanuts. Quite frankly, they could pry the PB from my cold dead hands. The problem is that I ate almost 6000 calories a day and trained like a crack addict so I went down to a skinny 235. 235 on my frame isn’t nearly enough. 270 on my frame is MUCH better.

I always said that with my training if I actually ate like I should, I would be “almost” dangerous… almost…. not dangerous like Robocop, but dangerous in that I would actually be hitting my goals faster than 2016.

Now… its time for some discipline. I’m not saying I am not going to slip a little and throw in some frozen chimichangas and munch on them like they are my last meal… don’t knock them, you KNOW who you are…

I am saying that its time to suck it up, eat more damn protein, stop sucking down a loaf of bread at breakfast, stop chowing on a bag of Tositos with Salsa as a post-dinner snack and actually attempt to eat like I want to live past 50, or have a palate more refined than a 12 year old boy who plays Xbox all day.

I’m not asking for suggestions on eating plans, I’m not stupid. I know what the hell I have to do… this is accountability. I will post a pic of me (with shorts on) every week until I reach a certain body composition look that I want. I don’t care about bodyfat levels, striations or an overrated 6 pack. I care about health, and with that health will come a bit of vanity.

After all, if you think you only work out to be strong, you are missing a huge point of training. Not many people have the goal of going to the gym to be a strong fat sack of ass. Hell, some do, but those are the guys wearing CPAPs and are out of breath after walking from the couch to the toilet… you can keep that, that isn’t my bag.

So tomorrow will come the first pic….. I’ll take these in the AM when I am the LEAST bloated from my over-salted food intake, well tomorrow also starts the less over-salted food intake so that really shouldn’t matter then…

Wish my food willpower deficient self luck, I’m going to need it.


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