Accountability and progress report starts NOW!

Giving you a RARE glimpse into what I look like, this is very unlike me as I tend to not be narcissistic or write “look at me” posts, but I am holding myself accountable for my last post to my 3-4 readers, and anyone else who actually stumbles across my blog by accident.

I am NOT keeping a food log, I don’t have that kind of discipline and care to share what I eat with everyone, and who cares anyway? The result is the end product and what may work for me won’t work for you…

Every Wednesday I will post a pic of my progress with trying to clean up my eating, the first one I am not wearing shorts because its too damn cold out and I was just outside running some much needed errands.

This is pic number one, to some this may be like a “what the hell, he doesn’t look bad” to some you may nitpick, but to me I see where I need improving.

Now I do NOT train for aesthetics, but my style of training will lend itself to being aesthetically pleasing with the RIGHT eating plan.

At this picture I weighed 269 pounds exactly. Not too shabby as I would like to be about 270-275 a little bit leaner, not too much, but a little bit…

I don’t do any cardio and all my lifting is heavy (as you can see from workout logging), so for people that really thing that you get fat from heavy lifting or you can’t look halfway decent from no cardio… think again…

So off goes the loco gringo in delving into a healthier lifestyle with no training modifications and let’s see where this giant ends up at….

One more thing, if you are actually going to comment or email me via this post, I will ignore and delete any comments that have any kind of craziness in them. Not saying that is going to happen at ALL, but just throwing that out there. I don’t need it, nor want it.


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