Some random complaints…

A lot of you miss the old shit-talking Jay. Well maybe about 2 or 3 of you, 1 of those matters to me a great deal so here goes a classic trash talking post.

Now I know I am NOT the be all end of of trainers, hell I don’t even train people right now in person but I do help out misled kids who squat like assholes just because I feel a deep need to fix them before they grow up squatting terribly forever.

What I do hate is trainers at a certain gym who claim to be experts and who’s clients squat like the aforementioned assholes… trainers who count to 20 as if 20 rep sets are going to actually build anything other than a nice pump that will make you look good for about 3-4 hours.

I have, on a few occasions, stared at bad training like I am looking at a group of men doing interpretative dance… none of it makes sense to me.

I propose a National training institute (no, not the business) where we strip down 95% of those bullshit certs and leave us with a few that are worthy. If you have to ask which ones, you shouldn’t even ask.

Those training certs should all get together to discuss actually TEACHING form along with the other bullshit they teach instead of handing out tests and pass/fails.

We all know that will never happen…

So here is what a good client will do…

Join a gym for a trial period. Workout there. Observe trainers training people or themselves.

You should look for this stuff:

  • Attentiveness to clients and not socializing like its high school, they aren’t paying to learn about your life, they are paying for results
  • Proper form and not some stupid shit like sitting on a bosu ball and doing 5# DB curls, which I HAVE witnessed a few times…
  • Does the trainer actually explain why he/she is doing an exercise?
  • Do they squat to parallel or below, and if they can’t what progressions are they using… now most clients won’t know this but if you see a person who looks like shit doing something and they aren’t being corrected, find another trainer.
  • If you are lucky enough to catch a trainer working out, where do they spend their time? On the machines or by the power rack? If they are using machines mainly, move on to someone else.
  • And just because a trainer says he is good or was a good “competitor” back in the day, doesn’t mean shit. Sometimes good genetics and good drugs can outweigh shitty and stupid training practices. 
In the meantime, there will exist trainers all over the place who are horrific, who’s clients think they are doing good by doing cable crossovers when they have 75 pounds to lose and have the muscle mass of a chick pea.
Most trainers suck, period. And I have seen plenty of them to shake my head in disgust and shame at them…


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