A re-invention

Somewhere along the line I lost the fun in training. I used to be quite the athlete in my day, fast and powerful with minimal gym time, even during my strongman days I was playing rugby. The strongman training went well with my rugby prep.

After this Lexen meet is over, I am going back to a more natural style of training. No program, just push/pull, attack my weak areas and get my explosiveness back. When meet time approaches that is when I will focus energies on the big 3, but in the meantime I will train as though I have a purpose to bring the old Jay back.

I miss being able to sprint without having a 10 yard acceleration phase, miss being able to throw 340+ over my head, miss the general athleticism I used to have.

Let’s face it… strength isn’t just the big 3 lifts. Sure you can be a large sumbitch and post a total of over 2600, but how many of those men are truly athletic?

I know, everyone has their own goals so I am not judging them but for me at 37 years old, one of my goals isn’t to have to worry about moving well at 50.


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