01-26-2012 and 01-30-2012

Tweaked my hip last week somehow so I am working through that, been a bit run down lately so just went in to do the basics and go home. The meet is approaching soon so now is the time to really dial in the main lift work and start to phase out accessory work. Actually looking forward to when its over because then I can get back to basics for the next one.

Will be doing this meet raw, for a few reasons. I haven’t had enough time in gear and it doesn’t fit me right. I don’t have time to learn all the ins and outs of it to throw it on in time, so I will do it raw.

The last two sessions were main lift work…

Worked up to 500×1 on the squat

and 407×1 on close grip bench.

Nothing else to write home about with those as I am organizing my last 6 weeks training for Lexen.

I won’t rock the house there and I don’t give a shit, but I will have fun.


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