01-19-2012 Workout

First let me say this has been a fantastic week lifting for me. PR’s all over the place and I have taken some very special inspiration today which fueled this session like crazy.

3ct pause squats
135 x 3
225 x 3
315 x 3
405 x 3
425 x 3

After the 500# Sunday I didn’t expect a close to 40# PR in these today, but I think I passed a huge mental barrier with my squat so I can foresee bigger things soon.

Sumo DL off 4 mats (about 2.5-3 inches)
135 x 2
225 x 2
315 x 2
405 x 2
Added briefs
495 x 2
585 x 1 (slipped on 2nd rep and dropped bar, but would have had it)
635 x 1

Haven’t pulled sumo in quite a while, I never like to pull heavy sumo raw as it has a tendency to wreck your hips, but right now I am at a point where its either continue to fight with the mental block of an iffy lower back with conventional or suck it up and do sumo. Since I will be competing geared anyway, it doesn’t matter, so I decided to try it today, start off a higher mat and work down each subsequent heavy pulling day and keep my form in check. This is the first time I have pulled over 500 in the gym without any lower back issues whatsoever so I am incredibly happy about that, 635 went up smooth with only a small form breakdown, not enough to cause alarm.

GHD Raises on EFS GHD
4 x 8

Standing crunches with heavy band
2 x 25


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