01-09-2012 Workout

Been slacking on the log lately, sorry to my 3 followers.

Lost my workout log from yesterday but I did a ton of leg work with some squats.

Here’s todays carnage…

3ct pause bench
285 x 2
341 x 2
397 x 2
417 x 2

A nice day on that one, a huge improvement from my disaster of a bench session last time.

I decided to throw on gear today after this. I have temporarily stopped using RTS for training for the time being. I am happy with the results from RTS and I will be back to them soon, so don’t take my self-programming as an indictment on Mike whatsoever, he is an excellent programmer and with his guidance my bench and squat have improved dramatically, my DL has stalled out and that is more due to my lower back issues more than anything else, not his programming.

3 board with shirt on
518 x 3
553 x 1
518 x 1 (form work)

Ok, its been a while since I put on the gear and my form has went to hell. I feel like I am learning all over again so my plan now is to do some raw work heavy before geared days and then slap on the armour for the top end work.

5 board raw
407 x 5
451 x 4
407 x 6

This is the Pat Hakola special for our team. Since using the 5 board we have seen his bench increase a great deal and most of us are now using this after our bench work to increase our lockout power as well.

Chest Supported Rows
135 x 10
180 x 3 x 10

Hammer Curls
45 x 10
60 x 2 x 10

All in all it was a productive lifting day.


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